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Costs incurred in respect of the dates of the 2023 congress (September 14-15, 2023)


Documents comptables

Invoice & Supporting documents

  • Supply of tickets/invoices​as well as original and individual supporting documents (including photocopy of vehicle registration document for calculation of mileage costs)

  • Filling in the expense report

  • Join your Bank account identification (Name + IBAN + BIC)


Upload on the onco-urovar Drive

  • Submission of supporting documents in a personal folder accessible at the following address: drive onco-urovar

  • Photocopy of the vehicle registration document necessary in the case of kilometric allowances

  •  Complete expense report file  (availble in Excel format)

  • Complete submission  before:09/29/2023


Send by email


  • Complete the expense report


  • Scan or take a picture of all supporting documents


  • Photocopy of the vehicle registration document necessary in the case of kilometric allowances



  • Complete submission before:09/22/2023 

Refund conditions

The Onco-urovar congress reimburses the travelling expenses under the following conditions:

Eligibility for refund

Reimbursementsents relate toare guests of the following categories:

  • Specialists (including speakers and moderators), excluding those whose journey is supported by laboratories

  • General practitioners

  • Staff

and whose place of residence is located beyond 40km from the congress venue

These travel expenses include:

On presentation of original supporting documents.

Valise personne roulant à l'aéroport

Train / Plane / Boat / Taxi / Public transport

  • On the basis of a 2nd class round-trip (1st class by train for speakers/moderators)

  • Taxi only for return journeys from home to station/airport and from congress to station/airport

Country Drive

Car mileage costs

Within the limit of 500km round trip and according to the official 2023 rules


Toll / Parking


During the 2 days of the congress 

For any questions you can contact us by email on

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